At Trinity Endeavors, we specialize in oilfield products including firetube and manway gaskets. If you know what you need, we can help you get it. If you’re not sure what you need, our engineers will help you find a solution to the gasket issues you’re having and ensure that you are covered.

We serve customers all across the United States and will compete with or beat anyone in the oil & gas industry with both our customer service and our prices.

We are passionate about what we do and are committed to quality and excellence. Our years of experience help us provide you with the products that you need at the prices that you want. For example, our new firetube gasket works at temperatures as low as -400 F and as high as 975 F and our prices are typically 40% cheaper than our competitions’.

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Trinity Endeavors is your online source for O-rings, gaskets, extruded rubber, oil seals, spring-energized seals and custom molded rubber of various compounds.

We are proud to serve customers across North America in the automotive, medical, filtration, heavy equipment, oil & gas, and transportation industry sectors.

Why should you partner with Trinity Endeavors? Combined, we have over 150 years of rubber and sealing experience. Our team is passionate about seals- advancement in process, materials, and profiles for unique applications. We love this industry!


Custom Molded parts are very design specific. Whether they are compression, injection or transfer molded, Trinity Endeavors has years of experience providing customers with custom molded parts that are unique to their application.

The use of extruded seals is extremely diverse. You will find extrusions in many types of manufacturing processes for a variety of purposes. Applications include, but are not limited to: door and window seals in the architectural environment and automotive, appliance and aircraft industries; bearing seals; bumpers; heater gaskets; radiator overflow tubing; vacuum cleaner belts; ladder foot grips, and cushions on bars or handles. The applications are endless and expanding rapidly with innovative engineering of extrudable materials.

We offer high-end precision laser cutting, waterjet cutting as well as Master Sheet cutting. Our cutting-edge custom cutting services provide the precision and versatility that meets or exceeds any customer’s requirements.

We specialize in high-quality stampings for the automotive, military, medical and many other industries. Some of the materials used include: galvanized steel, aluminum, pre-plated materials, rubber, mild steel and high strength steel.

Trinity Endeavors is a market and technology leader in high-quality custom engineered sealing solutions. Our precision machining expertise and strict quality controls are built into every step of the process allow us to meet almost any design specifications. Over 40 years in the industry means we have the experience to supply you with exactly what you’re looking for.

Uses the hot splicing/vulcanizing process to chemically bond two ends of a rubber extrusion together. By creating an endless seal, the gasket is more impermeable to the elements. Trinity Endeavors can vulcanize extruded rubber into circles, squares, and a variety of other shapes. From simple spliced O-rings, vulcanized window gaskets and vulcanized frame gaskets, to spliced seals and vulcanized corners, we can manufacture the right endless gasket for your requirements.

Calendering processes involves forcing rubber softened by heat into the center of two to five counter-rotating rollers. The rollers will compact the rubber as it passes through them and thickness will depend on the gap between the cylinders. After that the sheet passes over rollers that cool, the rubber (or other material) is often spooled.


The O-ring is the most widely used seal in the industry. It is easy to install, may be used as a double-acting seal and can seal pressures of up to 800 PSI. With pressures over 800 to 2,000 PSI, backup rings should be considered for higher pressures. The o-ring is typically used as a reciprocating seal, not for rotating shaft applications (Lip seals should be used for rotating shafts).

Industrial seals play a crucial role in numerous manufacturing operations, keeping unwanted materials out and preventing leaks.

The use of extruded seals is extremely diverse. You will find extrusions in many types of manufacturing processes for a variety of purposes.

Custom Molded parts are very design specific and our molding processes include: injection, transfer, and compression molding to accommodate any size or volume requirements. We have decades of experience providing customers with custom molded parts that are unique to their application.

Gasket applications cover a large spectrum of materials ranging from acrylic and aluminum to Viton® and PTFE. Your gasket manufacturing options are as varied as Die Cutting, Lathe Cutting, Kiss Cutting and Rotary Cutting.

We stock a variety of rubber sheeting (including rubber sheet rolls) including SBR, Buna-N, Neoprene, Silicone, EPDM, Buna-N, Gum Rubber and Viton.


Over 150 years of combined knowledge for our customers


A full complement of rubber, machined plastics and standard materials.


We are well known for our superior Customer Service


We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and have a customer base in many diverse industries